Barobo Launches RoboBlockly Website for Learning Math and Coding through Robotics and Arduino

DAVIS, Calif. - Oct. 21, 2019 - PRLog -- Barobo, Inc. today announced the launch of the latest version of its RoboBlockly online software at for K-12 students learning math and coding through its innovative Linkbot robotics and Arduino physical computing programs. Linkbot is a reconfigurable modular robot that was designed specifically for its simplicity and versatility for hands-on learning in classrooms, afterschool programs, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) makerspaces.

The RoboBlockly website allows the user to connect a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer to Linkbot robots or Arduino microcontrollers and program them using user-friendly block-based programming or direct Ch/C/C++ code. Sensor-based robotics applications, such as line following, light following, obstacle avoidance, robot chasing, and distance finding, are easily implemented.

The associated curriculum, with thirteen textbooks and over 700 online activities, has been proven to increase student engagement and raise standardized math test scores. High school math teacher Melissa Hale notes that "Roboblockly is a great way to incorporate projects into the math curriculum. The content of robotics naturally increases student's interest and provides the motivation to dive into the math. Roboblockly allows teachers to seamlessly integrate the content into their classroom with its Classroom Management System and video lessons."

Linkbots are also used in the annual RoboPlay Competition, a level playing field robotics competition for students in grades 5-12 organized by our partner, the UC Davis C-STEM Center. It is designed for student teams, based on their math skill levels, to showcase their real-world math problem solving skills in a competitive environment.

About Barobo, Inc.
Barobo, Inc. is the leader in educational robotics for K-12 students learning math in the classroom. It develops innovative robotics hardware, software, and curriculum for learning math and coding via robotics and the Arduino physical computing platform, and provides K-12 students with up to 13 years of integrated math and computer science education. The combination of RoboBlockly online software and Linkbot hardware, the company's flagship products, allows teachers and their students to think beyond their textbooks and apply the math concepts they are learning to the physical world. For at-risk and gifted students alike, Barobo robotics technologies and curriculum have been proven to significantly increase their math performance and readiness for college and career.

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