San Diego Dentist Shares Expertise On Invisalign Braces

October 21, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - CA based San Diego Dr. Sam Parsi is pleased to share the second part of an informative series on Invisalign clear aligners, an alternative to metal braces that has proven extremely popular with dental patients. Despite this popularity, however, the doctor notes that many other patients still hesitate to seek this procedure due to a general lack of information regarding its implementation and use.

In response, Dr. Parsi launched his three part blog series, attempting to dispel any possible misinformation and educate his patients on these innovative, clear aligners. He says, “The issue with not knowing enough about Invisalign braces is that it affects people who have already opted for them too. It is vital that they understand that these braces are not catch-all devices that will endure any sort of usage. While I’m sure their dentist would most likely have taught them how to care for their clear braces, it never hurts to refresh their knowledge.”

He says, “I hope to shed also some light on the subject for patients who are on the fence about getting them. There are many advantages to getting Invisalign braces over the more conventional metal ones, but they should be aware of the drawbacks that do exist because it may change their daily habits, especially where mouth hygiene is concerned.” The renowned dentist has already spoken about the differences between Invisalign and metal braces in his previous post, “How Does Invisalign Compare to Regular Braces?” In part two, titled “How Does Invisalign Work?” he explores the function of these clear aligners and how they may affect a patient’s lifestyle.

The post begins by stating that, “Invisalign braces use clear aligners to shift your teeth into the desired position gradually over only about 6 to 12 months. You will receive a set of aligner trays that you change out every two weeks to align your teeth. Voila, it’s that simple!” It goes on to explain that each patient’s treatment is led off with a consultation by an Invisalign-trained dentist or orthodontist. This consultation involves a series of X-rays and photographs being taken of the patient’s face, with particular emphasis on their teeth and mouth structure. To ensure that the dental provider has the best possible representation of the patient’s mouth, a cast or impression of the latter’s teeth will be taken as well.

Using specialized scanning technology, this impression will be converted into a digital 3D cast that the dental provider can use to, “come up with an individualized treatment plan and move your teeth around in the software to strategize your alignment procedure,” according to the post. This information is then used to place an order for the patient’s Invisalign trays.

Dr. Parsi further states that it can take between 3-4 weeks following the initial consultation for the patient to receive their Invisalign trays. The post elaborates, “These trays are 25mm, made of a highly elastic and thermoplastic material called ‘SmartTrack.’ You will use each aligner for two weeks before moving on to the next stage. Your teeth typically move 1/10mm with each tray.”

Patients should also be aware, says Dr. Parsi, that Invisalign aligners only work on a few specific teeth at a time. The patient may have a set of plastic inserts, known as attachments, placed behind their teeth that are designed to help keep the plastic aligners in their desired position. If there is not enough space in the mouth for such attachments, the dental provider may further recommend a minor procedure known as interproximal reduction. To avoid alarming potential Invisalign users, the post clarifies, “This reduction amounts to doing some sanding between your teeth to make more space.”

Interested parties may look up the full blog post and its accompanying parts to learn more about Invisalign aligners and managing their use. Working at San Diego Wellness Dentistry has given Dr. Parsi a wealth of experience in the field as well as an ease of communication that he takes into every consultation with his patients. Those who wish to schedule an appointment, inquire further regarding the dental clinic’s procedures, or learn more about Dr. Parsi are invited to visit their website to browse their online resources.


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