The new generation leader Defi exchange will be launched globally

Oct 28, 2020

According to the announcement of the Silicon Valley Laboratory in the United States, Defi Exchange will be launched soon. The significance of blockchain to the real economy is reflected in the reconstruction of trust, commerce, collaboration, and equity. With the development of blockchain, the era of distributed commerce is bound to come. It is the explosion and integration of technology and the second revolution of the Internet. At this time, the global launch of Defi Exchange is about to begin!
It is reported that from the first half of 2020 to mid-June after Compound liquidity mining, Defi detonated the entire crypto world in three months. Various Defi projects have sprung up like mushrooms. "Understand, can’t keep up". Now all forces are struggling to seize the giant wheel of the Defi era. The Defi industry is growing rapidly, and the lending application ecosystem is prosperous and beginning to take shape. The world’s first Defi mining pool DYF is a native token Defi exchange. The detonation of the world has led to a rapid increase in the market share of Defi. Defi exchanges have been launched globally and have become a strategic location for exchanges in the future.


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